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Keeping Up with Collin & Sydney Jones

Collin & Sydney Jones found Serenbe unexpectedly. Collin heads Westwood One, Sydney's a nurse. Discover their story, bird-watching hobby, and missing cocktail. Plus, a neighbor's rescue

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Over 6 years ago, Collin and Sydney Jones moved with their two young boys from Roswell, Georgia. It was a surprise weekend away for Collin that turned into a home purchase 9 days later. During that weekend, they happened upon a party at the Grange Green, discovered golf cart charcuterie and met a family who encouraged them to tour homes while that family watched their son. Serenbe turned out to be the community they didn’t know they needed. In today’s episode, Steve Nygren and I catch up with the Jones and we not only do we find out what they do for a living, Collin is the President of Westwood One, the largest audio network in America and Sydney is a neonatal and pediatric nurse practitioner at Emory - we also learn that Sydney is becoming a bird watcher, how the resident soccer team has been life changing for Collin and we try to solve the mystery of where did their namesake Halsa cocktail go? Oh, and listen until the end for a bonus story on how Collins' neighbors saved him while on a business trip.

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Sydney Jones, a neonatal and pediatric nurse practitioner at Emory, holds multiple degrees including a BS and MS in Nursing. Collin Jones, President of Westwood One and Cumulus Podcast Network, oversees strategy, corporate development, and investor relations since 2011.


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