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Birds, Bugs, and the Serenity of Nature with Giff Beaton

Delta pilot and accomplished naturalist Giff Beaton moved to Serenbe with his family over six years ago to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

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Giff Beaton and Allie Kelly moved to Serenbe from Atlanta six years ago, motivated by a desire to raise their twin boys closer to nature and to escape the city’s urban sprawl. By day, Giff works as a Delta pilot - but he is also an accomplished naturalist & nature photographer, authoring or co-authoring multiple books  like Birds of Georgia, Dragonflies & Damselflies, and Tiger Beetles of the Southeastern United States. Giff also leads the occasional nature walk in Serenbe, which is a can’t miss event for residents and visitors alike. 

In this interview, Steve and Monica chat with Giff about how his interest in nature began, the unique species you can find right here in our neck of the woods, and why he finds time spent in nature so grounding and calming. 

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Giff Beaton is a pilot as well as an accomplished nature photographer and naturalist. He is the author of multiple books including Birds of Georgia and Tiger Beetles of the Southeastern United States. He lives in Serenbe with his wife Allie and their two twin boys.


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