Serenbe Name and Brand Usage

Serenbe appreciates the support and pride that visitors and residents take in the community. The Serenbe logo and name are important brand assets that represent the high standards of this unique community development  community. In order to protect our brand, the names, taglines, and logos of Serenbe and associated businesses are trademarked and have guidelines around how they may be published, used for businesses, leveraged for events, printed on materials or products and more.

Serenbe ®, The Inn at Serenbe ®, The Farmhouse at Serenbe ®, Halsa ®, The Hill at Serenbe ®, Serenbe Farms ®, amongst many others, are registered trademarks owned by Serenbe. Any reproduction or use of any of such marks or such logo is prohibited, as is any combination or alteration of these marks and the logo. The unauthorized reproduction, sale, or dissemination of the content contained on the Serenbe website (Serenbe) is also prohibited.  Serenbe seeks to protect its marks in order to preserve their integrity, and will use all available legal remedies to protect the same.

When others use “Serenbe” as part of their own name and brand for a product or a service, it can create the mistaken impression that the individual or business and their product or service is either owned by, related to, or sponsored by Serenbe. One may not use “Serenbe” in front of any business or product name.