Season 7



Serenbe Kids: Halloween Mini-Sode

Halloween in Serenbe is a big deal - and who better to tell us all about it than our Serenbe Kids’ host Reese and special guest Lily?

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All October long, Serenbe might as well be known as Halloweentown. As you walk through the neighborhood, you’ll see homes decorated with gravestones, inflatable pumpkins and monsters, zombies, and more than a few ghosts. On Halloween itself, there are costume contests, kids and parents alike bobbing for apples, and one of our favorite shops, Hamlin, is especially famous for creating immersive Halloween experiences year after year. In the latest Serenbe Kids podcast, Reese chats with her buddy Lily about all of the traditions that make this such a noteworthy Serenbe holiday, the trick-or-treating route of champions, and the hallmarks of a successful, spooky costume.

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Reese, a middle schooler living in Serenbe with her family, takes the reins from Monica and Steve and sits down with Lily, who has called Serenbe home for the past 7 years.


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