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Pro Bike Repair: The (Unofficial) Serenbe Welcome Center

Monica and special guest co-host Micah chat with Pro Bike Repair owner Glen Slater about the bike scene in Serenbe and his love for a good pair of jean shorts.

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Glen Slater grew up riding bikes everywhere and later worked in a bike shop in college, where he realized that his interest in building and machinery connected nicely with his love of cycling. He opened his own shop, Pro Bike Repair, in 2012 and moved it to Serenbe in 2019. In the intervening years, PBR has become the unofficial Welcome center due to its location in the Crossroads, just past the Serenbe entrance, and its laid-back, easygoing feel. So laid-back in fact, that it's not uncommon to see residents and visitors alike head into the bike shop with beer, a glass of wine, and even a charcuterie board ready to unwind and hang out. 

We also have a very special guest co-host for this conversation. We’re joined today by Micah Adler, the COO of Serenbe Real Estate, husband of Steve’s middle daughter Kara, and a pretty avid cyclist in his own right. In this interview, Micah and Monica chat with Glen about the bike scene in Serenbe, the many ways people choose to hit the trails and roads in Chatt Hills, and his love for a good pair of jean shorts.

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Glen Slater owns and operates Pro Bike Repair, a bike shop focused on the art of custom bike building and the craft of repairing bicycles offering high-end bicycle sales, accessories, apparel and expert professional service.


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