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Movement in Nature & Rich Soil with Artist Kristine Mays

Catching up with artist Kristine Mays about Rich Soil, her beautiful new sculpture exhibition in the woods of Serenbe.

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Artist Kristine Mays’ first introduction to Serenbe happened totally by chance, when Steve attended the opening of her exhibition, Rich Soil, at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Now, Serenbe is the latest stop in this stunning traveling show, which comprises 29 metal wire sculptures, all of which are full of life and movement. Set in the woods at Deer Hollow Park, these pieces are meant to evoke a number of things - feminine energy, agriculture, nature, soil - with meanings as varied as the viewers themselves. In this episode, Steve and Monica catch up with Kristine about finding rejuvenation in nature, the path that led her to becoming a full-time artist, and where Rich Soil will travel next.

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Kristine Mays is a San Francisco-based sculptor. Her latest exhibition, Rich Soil, is currently on display in Serenbe through the Spring of 2023.


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