Season 8



Lifelong Friends & Sustainable Living with Stephanie Walsh & Brandon Blanchard

Steve and Monica catch up with longtime Serenbe residents Stephanie Walsh and Brandon Blanchard to talk all about sustainable building, love of the outdoors, and lifelong friendships.

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Eleven years ago, a fateful Google search of ‘eco-conscious communities near Atlanta’ led Stephanie Walsh & Brandon Blanchard to Serenbe. In the intervening years, they’ve become integral members of the community. They’ve both worked here - Brandon in hospitality and Stephanie as an agent with Serenbe Real Estate - built a home here, lived in every hamlet in the community, and built lifelong friendships. In this episode, Steve and Monica catch up with Brandon and Stephanie to discuss their mutual love of the outdoors, the new home they’re planning to build using the Living Building Challenge as a guideline, and how residents of all ages bond over a shared love of great food & a good old-fashioned tailgate party.

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Stepahnie Walsh & Brandon Blanchard moved to Serenbe 11 years ago and have since lived in every hamlet in the community. Brandon works in hospitality and Stephanie works for Serenbe Real Esate. They're passionate about sustainable living, great food, and the lifelong friends they've found here.


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