Season 9



Kids, Dogs, & Designing A Life Well-Lived with Vern Yip

Catching up with Vern Yip about design, his love for animals, and finding joy and belonging in the Serenbe community.

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You might recognize today’s guest, Vern Yip, from shows like Trading Spaces, HGTV’s Design Star, and Deserving Design. He also runs his own design studio in Atlanta, designs a line of dog and kid-friendly furniture, has published multiple books on how to maximize your home - and he still has more TV and book projects in the works. Vern actually wrote his master’s thesis on New Urbanism, so Serenbe has been on his radar since its earliest days. After many years of spending time in the community, Vern and his husband Craig decided to make the leap to living here part-time and they’re currently building a beautiful home to retreat to with their children and seven - yes, seven - dogs. 

In this episode, Monica is joined by special guest host Garnie Nygren, to catch up with Vern about how his love of animals led him to meeting his husband, his journey to Serenbe, and why he finds so much joy in the community here.

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Vern Yip is a TV personality from shows like Trading Spaces and HGTV's Design Star and has published multiple books on how to maximize your home. He and his husband live in Serenbe part-time with their two kids and seven dogs.


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