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How TikTok Led Lisa & Jim Challenger to Serenbe

Steve and Monica catch up with Lisa and Jim Challenger about discovering Serenbe on social media and their renowned family business, The Challenger Bread Pan.

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Lisa (aka Woody) and Jim Challenger were looking to move away from the freezing Chicago weather yet found little success until Lisa stumbled across a TikTok of Serenbe that showed off the distinctive architecture, farm-to-table meals, and easy access to nature. They first visited in June of last year and were full-time residents by August. Lisa played a central role getting Serenbe holiday-ready, the pair having already moved into a second home, and they are loving life in their new forever-community. 

In this episode, Steve and Monica catch up with Lisa and Jim about why they chose Serenbe after looking all over the country, their famous family business The Challenger Bread Pan, and finding a devoted following on social media. 

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Lisa & Jim Challenger discovered Serenbe on Tik Tok in 2022, first visited in June of that year, and officially moved just a couple of months later.


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