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How Jetset World Travel’s Lindsey Epperly Sulek Found Home in Serenbe

Meet Lindsey Epperly Sulek, CEO of Jetset World Travel. Serenbe unexpectedly became home for her family, blending work and life in a haven of belonging and growth.

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Lindsey Epperly Sulek and her husband Jeremy first visited Serenbe in March 2022, tagging along with a pair of friends who were interested in a possible move. Of course, Jeremy and Lindsey (who had no plans to move) ended up here instead. Lindsey describes Serenbe as a place where her family immediately knew they belonged, particularly following a period of difficulty and transition.

Lindsey is the Founder + CEO of Jetset World Travel, an independent boutique travel agency which she has scaled from a one-person operation to a team of over 70 dedicated agents. Jetset was also recently recognized as one of Inc. 5000’s fastest growing companies. In this episode, Steve and Monica chat with Lindsey about what it means to run a travel agency for a modern clientele, her favorite places in the world, working alongside her husband, and raising two young children in Serenbe.


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Lindsey Epperly Sulek is the founder and CEO of Jetset World Travel, a luxury travel agency specializing in bespoke experiences. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for travel, Lindsey has curated unforgettable journeys for clients around the globe. Her expertise and personalized approach have earned her a reputation as a top travel advisor, featured in prestigious publications and media outlets.


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