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Embracing Small Town Living & Telling Your Own Stories with Amy Mass

We catch up with writer Amy Mass about slowing down, her career transition from television comedy writer to novelist, and raising an outdoorsy kid in Serenbe.

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When the world shut down in the Spring of 2020, Amy Mass and her husband Jared hit pause on their busy lives in Hollywood. Later that year, they piled into an RV with a few friends for what they imagined would be a relaxing Fall break in Serenbe - but like so many before them, they ended up under a contract for a house. 

Now, it’s almost impossible to imagine Serenbe without the hilarious - and festive - Mass family. From Halloween decorations and hoe downs to flash mobs and farm parties, Amy brings the fun wherever she goes. In this interview, Steve and Monica chat with Amy about slowing down to gain perspective, her career transition from television comedy writer to romance novelist, and raising a spunky, outdoorsy kid in Serenbe. 

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Amy Mass is a writer who loves Halloween, romantic comedies, and all things fun and festive. She moved to Serenbe in the Fall of 2020 with her husband Jared and daughter Ellie.


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