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All Things Nerdy with Super Geek Trivia’s Abe Grier

We have had many guests mention Halsa’s now-legendary Trivia Thursdays. Tune in to hear from the man behind all the fun, Abe Grier.

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It’s safe to say that if you’re a regular Serenbe Stories listener, you’ve heard many guests mention Halsa’s now-legendary Trivia Thursdays. Trivia at Halsa is highly competitive, with regular teams like Rushmore, Crushmore, Slushmore, and the Scrappy Scraps. If you haven’t already attended, you should definitely plan to check out the next one - if you can get a table, that is.

On this episode of Serenbe Stories, Monica and trivia regular Stephanie Coyne are teaming up to chat with the man behind all of the fun: Abe Grier. Tune in to hear how Abe got started in trivia, his deep love of all things nerdy, and his first impression of Serenbe. Monica and Stephanie even turn the tables on Abe himself in a new game we're calling Can We Stump Abe?


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Abe Grier is a charismatic host and creator of the Super Geek Trivia. With a passion for all things geek culture, Abe brings a blend of humor, knowledge, and enthusiasm to every event he hosts. His engaging style and deep understanding of trivia make him a fan favorite, attracting a dedicated following of geeks and pop culture enthusiasts.


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