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The Future of Wellness

The Global Wellness Summit introduced 10 Wellness Trends they're seeing for the Future of Wellness, and Serenbe hits the mark with several.

The Global Wellness Summit has been accurately forecasting trends for 15 years, including predictions certain industries, such as wellness travel and wellness real estate, which Serenbe can attest to, would become huge consumer markets. According to their 2022 Wellness Trends Report, the pandemic has shifted Wellness toward survivalism as opposed to being about products and services that make us feel good. The report identifies 10 trends, and once again Serenbe hits the mark with several.

Trend #1: Dirt-y Wellness

The Health of the World’s Soil - and the Impact of Soil Exposure on Human Health - Become Far More Important: Think Soil-Bathing

Global Wellness Institute predicts that regenerative agriculture will become a hot topic in wellness. Serenbe has seen the benefits in keeping our soil healthy for years, and even worked with Rodale Institute to open a Southeastern Research Center in our city of Chattahoochee Hills.

Trend #2: Senior Living Disrupted

A Wrinkle in Time No More!

Senior living communities tend to be in warmer climates, meaning many of the aging population have to move away from family to live in them, and they were designed with a healthcare mindset. Now they’re focusing on a wellness lifestyle with programs for exercise, intergenerational activity, and education for lifelong learning, health, and food and nutrition. Serenbe provides an environment for these things already, all while generations live alongside each other.

Trend #3: Wellness Travel: Seekers, Welcome

Post-Pandemic Travelers Are Ready for Adventure and Engagement

It was clear pretty early on in the pandemic that people were ready to be out of cities and in nature with fresh air and space. Because Serenbe is situated within the Chattahoochee Hills woods and has more than 700 acres of protected forest, meadows, and farmland, there’s plenty of space to distance and breath while also enjoying time with loved ones.

Trend #4: Next-Gen Naturalism

The Return of Self-Reliance

It’s nearly impossible to NOT feel the effects of pandemic supply-chain issues, particularly when shopping at the grocery store. What if you didn’t have to worry about gas prices or trucker staffing when it came to getting your food? Survivalism has become less about bunkers or roughing it the wilderness, and more about self-reliance. People are moving their bodies more - and usually outdoors. They’re improving sleep and eating habits, and learning to grow their own food. The Serenbe lifestyle has focused on this kind of balance from the beginning, and residents have continued to thrive despite pandemic restrictions.

See all the 2022 Future of Wellness Trends from Global Wellness Summit at their website.

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