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Surviving Santa Pictures

A Guide To Your Favorite Annual Christmas Photos With Santa.

Let’s face it - Santa Claus photos can bring out the worst in kids. Maybe his holly jolly-ness is a little overwhelming. Maybe the idea of some guy being everywhere (yet unseen) that knows whether you’re been bad or good is stressful. MAYBE they just don’t want to sit on some strange man’s lap (especially when that man has a big, white beard and a bright red suit on…who can blame ‘em?!).

The ultimate reason kids are screaming and crying during Santa photos, however, is because they’re scared (go figure).

But photos with Santa are a holiday staple, so what’s a parent to do? There are plenty of online resources offering tips based on scientific research such as talking to your child about who Santa is and what the day will be like and going slowly so your child can acclimate.

Santa Charles has been flying his sleigh to Serenbe since 2016, and will be back in 2019 on December 7 at the Serenbe Holiday Bazaar from 12-4pm, and on December 8 on The Farmhouse Porch from 11am-2pm (make sure to sign up for your time slot here before they sell out!). Because we’ve gotten some Santa experience these last few years, we have our own anecdotal advice.

Sometimes, the best way to stop the toddler tears is to get in the picture with them. This tells them you approve of Santa and reassures them they’re safe. It’s not fool-proof (as you’ll see in some photos at the end), but it can’t hurt!

Siblings can be an asset as well (though…maybe not ALL of these siblings…).

Your child may just need some time to get used to the idea of sitting with Santa Claus…or they never will get used to it and you’ll have to get creative.

Santa Pictures at Serenbe are December 7 & 8, 2019. The location and times vary based on the day, so visit the website to learn more about to purchase your seating. Photos with Santa Charles are by J.Ashley Photography.

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