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Model homes by RUE Magazine and Brightwater Homes open in Mado.

You may have noticed the housing market’s heated up quite a bit, and Serenbe is no different. High demand for homes combined with long lead times due to the supply chain mean that many people interested in making the move to Serenbe choose their home before it’s completed. Serenbe homes have been featured in multiple publications over the years so that’s one way to explore finishes and builder aesthetics. Serenbe is now featuring two model homes that visitors and potential buyers can tour on Saturdays and by appointment.

Choosing interior finishes for a home without an owner could present a challenge to some designers, but not Melinda Servick, president of Sol Design. “I love doing models more than working with a single client,” said Melinda, who worked with Brightwater Homes on Lot 461 in Mado. “It requires a lot of research and I love that part. The discovery is so fascinating, it’s like peeling back the layers of an onion.”

It helped that she was already familiar both with Brightwater - having worked with the owner in the early aughts - and with Serenbe - Melinda is from the area, and feels like she’s watched the community grow and evolve. Part of the research was experiencing all there is, including the many stays at The Inn, dinners at The Farmhouse and The Hill, and seeing every Serenbe Designer Showhouse. Melinda also focused on what Serenbe is creating, as opposed to the potential owner’s mindset, since she believes that’s the draw of why people move to the community..

“It’s about complimenting what Serenbe has built. We listened to the Serenbe Stories podcast season on biophilic design, then seeing how we’ve come through the pandemic, all of the things added to how we saw the design,” said Melinda. “We focused on the authenticity of the community and how people are seeking whole lives. I wanted to select items that create a connection with people, and a connection to the community.”

The second model home, next door on Lot 461, was selected by Danny Seo of RUE magazine to be the next RUE Model Home. The home showcases some of the top home and interior manufacturers, featuring products such as cabinets by BOXI Semi Handmade, Wilsonart countertops, stunning lighting by Hinkley and Regina Andrew, along with Sharp appliances. 

“Courtney Shearer of The Designery did an amazing job picking finishes that echo the Serenbe aesthetic and complement the home’s location set above Mado Pond,” said Danny. “Serenbe is like a home away from home for me and I knew she could make the RUE model a space that I would enjoy spending time in."

Both model homes capture the style and luxury of living at Serenbe while providing buyers a window into future home build finishes.

Lots 460 & 461 are open to the public on Saturdays from 11am-3pm and by appointment with Serenbe Real Estate. Visit for more details and to RSVP. Interested in learning more about available homes? Contact Serenbe Real Estate at or stop by the Selborne Office at 9077 Serenbe Lane, up the street from The Blue Eyed Daisy. 

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