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Roadmap To Zero

As Serenbe looks ahead, a major objective for the next decade is to move away from fossil fuels, identify ways to offset our carbon footprint, and build towards a net zero community.

As Serenbe looks ahead, a major objective for the next decade is to move away from fossil fuels, identify ways to offset our carbon footprint, and build towards a net zero community. Of course, Serenbe has already made significant strides in this area, now we are laying the groundwork for additional progress.


Land conservation is built into the fabric of our community, with emphasis on dense development clustered along omega forms, which leaves 70% of the surrounding greenspace untouched. All Serenbe homes must be Earthcraft certified, meaning that each home is sourced, constructed, and designed to reduce environmental impact - with the added bonus that most homeowners save around 30% on their energy bills compared to homes built with standard construction methods.


Geothermal heating and cooling systems have been a requirement for new Serenbe homes since construction began in Mado. This renewable energy system utilizes reservoirs of hot water found a few miles below the Earth’s surface - a single day of mildly annoying geothermal drilling equals a lifetime of reduced noise pollution, not to mention a 60-70% reduction in energy usage and carbon emissions and utility bill savings.


Incorporating additional renewable energy sources into the community is Serenbe’s next step. Lupo Loop, Serenbe’s newest pocket neighborhood, has the capability to be 100% solar, with homes designed and optimized for solar panels that can be added by buyers. Because of other building measures, like the EarthCraft certification and geothermal HVAC requirement on all homes, Lupo Loop homes will only need one-third of the solar panels typically required, a huge material and installation savings for homeowners interested in taking the next step to benefit from a fully solar powered home. Homeowners with electric cars also won’t have to go through the steps of retrofitting their homes. Each home has been designed to be ready to have electric vehicle charging, along with backup battery storage. Multiple solar and battery vendors have also been vetted to provide future homeowners with favorable pricing.


Serenbe landscaping and maintenance teams arealso adjusting their practices by transitioning from gas-powered to electricmaintenance equipment after learning more about the benefits  in a workshop with the American Green ZoneAlliance (AGZA) this spring. “After the AGZA presentation, five vendors whowork closely with them presented their products to us and gave a hands-ontutorial,” said HOA Manager Amy Peterson. “It gave our team an opportunity totest out equipment and understand what we need to transition our equipment in asustainable manner.”


Serenbewas designed with nature in mind, and as a community we have already takensteps to protect the beautiful land that surrounds us by building with strictstandards for environmental impact, eating locally grown food, and walking toshops and restaurants. With the implementation of required geothermal, Serenbebegan the transition to renewable energy, and as the threat of climate change continuesto grow we are committed to expanding our use of alternative energy sourceslike solar, battery storage, and electric maintenance equipment.


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