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Lamp Posts Bring Serenbe’s Intentions To The Light.

Every part of Serenbe’s design is intentional, from the curves of the roads and rooflines of homes to the granite curbs and even the street lights. When Steve Nygren reached the point where it’s time to put in lights, everyone told him he had to use a certain company and pick from a limited set of styles. But he had a vision of lamp posts that reflected each Serenbe hamlet’s personality and purpose, so he set out to find another option.

Steve commissioned Robert Rausch, founder and creative director at GAS Design Center, to create a street light for the Serenbe’s first hamlet, Selborne, that would honor the arts and nature. The two collaborated together to come up with a design that evokes the white oak, which Steve had included in branding from the beginning because it symbolizes a seed of new thought growing into a sturdy tree.

For the Grange hamlet, which has an agricultural focus, Robert and Steve wanted to keep the design simple so they settled on a double lantern with a rural wooden post. Simple didn’t make it any less beautiful, and when the GAS Design Center offered this “Serenbe Light” to the public through their company catalog, the design sold out quickly!

Mado’s street lights proved to be the most challenging project yet. While Robert described the design as simple, he said those are sometimes the hardest to create.

Each street light in Serenbe also marks the entrance to a nature trail path. Each magical touch at Serenbe made with intention.

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