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Retail Success During Covid

New Retailers Welcomed During Times Of Uncertainty

Serenbe is proud to be the home to many locally owned small businesses. Some are opened by entrepreneurs who like what the community offers, while other businesses are labors of love for residents who are excited to walk down the street to go to work and share their passion with visitors and neighbors alike.

Despite a crazy 2020, Serenbe welcomed 8 new stores and wellness services. Last year was full of uncertainty, yet Serenbe’s businesses have held strong through it all. Ask Serenbe’s retailers and businesses the number 1 reason why they’ve had success, and you’ll hear a common theme in their answers. Having a strong community of Serenbe residents surrounding and supporting them, plus a steady stream of visitors seeking a respite from the city and wide open spaces. Thank you to everyone who has shopped locally in Serenbe and in their own communities as well. Our local shops and business owners are what make a creative, prosperous and unique community.

So without further ado, join us in saying WELCOME to these 8 new Serenbe businesses. Happy Shopping!


Selborne Neighborhood
Find home goods, gifts, greeting cards, and all things paper!
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Mado Neighborhood
Chai means life, and Chai Vegan makes vegan products to give life to your skin and hair.
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Mado Neighborhood
Nurture your mind, body, and spirit in a peaceful and restorative environment.
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Mado Neighborhood
Experience skin and body transformation through hydra facial.
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Mado Neighborhood
Chronic pain treatment that corrects postural issues at the root of your ongoing discomfort.
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Mado Neighborhood
Concierge-style physical therapy clinic that treats people who want to do what they love.
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Mado Neighborhood
The highest vibration of crystals, self-care & meditation essentials and homeopathic remedies.


Mado Neighborhood
Guiding families to optimal health to grow the body's systems, combining chiropractic with synergistic services.

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You can find all Serenbe businesses on our website, and be sure to visit in-person, many are open 7 days a week. All businesses require masks and have proper sanitization techniques for COVID-19, so please protect yourself and others while shopping by following proper guidelines. Interested in opening your own business in Serenbe? Contact Serenbe Real Estate to learn more about available commercial real estate.

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