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Get away to Serenbe for our most restorative experience yet.

There’s no feeling quite as refreshing as when you’ve finished a yoga or spa getaway. You’re rejuvenated, and then once you’re back to your normal life that feeling fades. Self care activities don’t have to be a special treat, though. What if you incorporate wellness into your everyday life? It may seem out of reach, yet Portal Serenbe proves you can.

“I envisioned a retreat that could feel like a respite from civilization but could also sit in the middle of our village,” Steve Nygren said in the Winter 2022 issue of Naturally, Danny Seo magazine, with a dose of inspiration from his many visits to The Ashram in Calabasas, California. “The idea [for Portal] was to prove that you could integrate wellness into the middle of everyday life.”  

Portal offers multi-day retreats that include a variety of wellness activities, yet its biggest value is showing guests how they can make these simple choices while living within their community. For instance, the Signature System ReSet Retreat begins with a sunrise yoga class before the group sets out on a challenging hike through the natural, unspoiled forested trails of Serenbe. Guests can participate in invigorating fitness classes including HIIT workouts, vinyasa yoga, Pilates, and more before having daily massages, and in the evenings they can relax through restorative yoga and various guided meditation, breath-work and labyrinth walks. Each activity is specially designed to tone and balance your body, and to reconnect you to yourself, your loved ones, and your beautiful life force.

The home itself is conducive to wellness. Inspiration for the design, which includes a sleek, curved roofline and white stucco exterior, came from Danish architect Erik Assmussen and Malmo, Sweden, a town described in the Naturally article as being known for its green spaces and connections to the natural world. Interiors by Rebecca Cartwright of R. Cartwright Design bring the natural world inside, utilizing biophilic design of neutral, warm colors alongside wood tones and texture - which Rebecca says “delivers instant soul and patina to a room” - throughout the more than 3,000 square foot home. Her vision was to give guests a calm vibe while they “recharge their batteries and nourish their spirits,” while “honoring Nygren’s design for more traditional, timeless furniture.” The outdoor courtyard (with hot tub!) looks out onto the Mado Pond and preserved forest, and the Portal grounds feature a garden with homeopathic herbs and flowers guests can use for treatments.

The Global Wellness Institute defines wellness as an active pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health, and Portal Serenbe provides a beautiful space to do exactly that.

The next Signature System ReSet Retreat is planned for September 2022, or book your own custom retreat for family, friends or your team. Visit to learn more about booking and curating a restorative retreat.

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