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Have Horse, Will Travel

There’s a place for everyone to stay here at Serenbe.

A large part of why people visit Serenbe is the abundance of nature: meadows, farmland and more than 15 miles of nature trails. The trails offer gorgeous views and peaceful moments during a morning run, a leisurely walk and a horse ride. For the last one, Serenbe Trail Riding has always offered their stable of friendly horses (and still do!), but now you can also bring your own horse for an overnight stay at the Stables at Serenbe.

According to Stables owner Diane Carpenter, “being able to travel with your horse opens up the horse world for you. You have the opportunity to ride a variety of new trails, attend equine sporting events and meet other horse owners.”

Just imagine, you get to wake up to views of rolling hills and so does your horse does too. They may even make a friend!

The Stables at Serenbe offers your four-legged friend a large riding arena (with lights for those night rides), bedded stalls with private turnout and proximity to area equestrian events such as the annual Douglas County Rodeo in October (12 miles from Serenbe) and local and national English riding competitions at Bouckaert Farms (15 minutes from Serenbe).

The best part of a Horsey Overnight at Serenbe? You’re at Serenbe! While your horse enjoys their sleepover, you can enjoy the trails or walk through the community, eat at one of our restaurants, catch a play, or find a unique item at one of our retail shops or farmers market.

For more information about horse overnights at The Stables at Serenbe, visit the website or email

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