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Feeling Well in Your Skin

An Interview with Greg & Amanda Kasparian, Our New Serenbe Residents

When new residents move in, we’re always thrilled to see how they will build their life here at Serenbe. It’s so fulfilling to see a family relocate and then start thriving in all aspects of life. It’s especially wonderful to see people thrive professionally when they get to Serenbe. One couple, Greg Kasparian and Amanda Hazen, moved and immediately opened their dream business. On this week’s episode of Serenbe Stories, Greg and Amanda tell their story of envisioning a wellness business together, blending Greg’s background in the spa industry with Amanda’s love for health and fitness. When they found themselves moving to Serenbe, their business dream came true.

Prior to moving their Serenbe move, Greg  worked for over 20 years in the spa industry, learning the ins and outs of the business while attending and hosting conferences and workshops. He started at Aveda then opened the International Dermal Institute in Manhatten in 1999, so he is definitely equipped with the necessary knowledge for his own spa business. Amanda’s experience in the industry sprouts from a wellness, fitness component. She’s always had a natural interest in sustainability in terms of food and nutrition, and she’s also taught kickboxing and other fitness programs. She now is a sought after voice-over artist and has her own recording booth in their home.

As they were settling into Serenbe, the vision for Creek Retreat was born. Greg and Amanda actually attended an emotional intelligence workshop, where attendees expressed their life vision. In their interview, Amanda tells the story of when Greg had the opportunity to express his vision, he talked about building a wellness business, drawing on all of his past experiences, wanting to give back and care for people, and create a place for people to be together. She notes, the business “transpired quite by accident after we got here. That wasn’t really the intention at the time.” By that, they refer to the fact that this workshop happened only two or three weeks after they put a bid in to buy their home in Serenbe, adding to the exciting momentum and energy already involved with moving to the community. “I said something pretty close to the fact that I want to start a wellness space in Serenbe, where we are going to call our new home. It was inspirational, I don’t know where that came from,” says Greg, and Amanda easily says that it came form his heart.

When an idea starts from the heart, it quickly grows. Their skincare and wellness business, Creek Retreat, started in the terrace level of their townhome in Mado. Here they brought clients in for hydrafacials, which is a smooth, gentle treatment that removes dead skin cells and impurities while bathing the skin in hydrating, cleansing serums. Their hard work is evident as Creek Retreat became so successful, they have expanded and are now located in a large retail space in the heart of Mado and have launched their own skincare line. This line includes amazing products made with skin-healthy ingredients. If you’re ever in the area, go check out Creek Retreat for gorgeous, healthy skin.

Listen to Greg and Amanda’s full episode on Serenbe Stories today.

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