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Serenbe Farmers Market Connects Neighbors To Local Farmers

While you sleep soundly through the dark, early hours of your Saturday morning, farmers are loading boxes full of freshly-harvested produce or packing up their coolers of locally-raised meats. As the sun rises, vendors are popping their tents in dewy grass and readying their booths. It may be early, but they’ve look forward to this during the entire off season. With the pandemic forcing social distancing they’ve had to wait a little longer, but finally the Serenbe Farmers Market is back on the Selborne Green on June 6, 2020.

Serenbe Farmers Market is different from other area markets. It takes place on a small swatch of green space set back into the woods rather than in a parking lot next to big-box stores. Depending on the Saturday (and social distancing), you may find a blueberry baking competition, cooking demonstration, or even a unicorn (which may just be a horse, but we believe!).

Chattahoochee Hills is mostly undeveloped, unlike the rest of metro Atlanta, and home to many small farms that have been using sustainable practices to grow for generations, causing some to give it the moniker as the “bread basket” of Atlanta. They choose to bring their goods to Serenbe Farmers Market because, as one of the few farmers markets in South Fulton, it is the destination for local and sustainable food not only for Serenbe residents, but for neighbors throughout Chattahoochee Hills and surrounding cities and counties.

Walk through the Selborne Green on a Saturday morning and it’s not hard to see why South Fulton chooses to eat local at Serenbe Farmers Market. Join us Saturdays on the Selborne Green from 9am-1pm. Learn more at

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