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14+ Health And Wellness Offerings All In One Place

Serenbe is lucky to have so many health and wellness services in the community with currently 14+ different offerings available, most located in the Mado neighborhood. Every family and individual’s needs and journey to wellness is different, so having a variety of providers and services available for Chatt Hills residents, visitors and neighbors to frequent allows the overall community to truly thrive. Serenbe’s list of health services is growing and many have offices in the One Mado building, above Halsa restaurant, including the Spa at Serenbe, Serenbe Yoga & Bodyworks, The Brainery chiropractic, The Gym at Mado, Precision Performance Physical Therapy, Southern Integrative Environmental (SIE) Medicine, as well as chiropractor Dr. Jeff Comoner.

Next door to the the One Mado building you’ll find Studio13 Pilates, Chai Vegan Spa Collection & Salon, Flourish Pediatrics, Creek Retreat and Center for Positive Change. If you keep walking down the street, you’ll also find cold pressed organic juices from Bamboo Juices. And coming soon is Collier Veterinary Clinic!

When designing Mado, the idea was to have complete access to all services in one place, creating easy access to everything residents and visitors need. These health and wellness services serve the greater community and have become a destination for the region already.

There are also more wellness activities available, such as Goat Yoga, new outdoor yoga classes, an annual trail race, weekly Friday afternoon farmstand and Saturday Farmer’s Market, and the upcoming organic plant sale at Serenbe Farms, and much more.

One of Serenbe’s guiding principles is living a well-lived life and prioritizing your health leads to a more happy and fulfilled life, so in order to help the greater community achieve their health and wellness goals, make an appointment, stop by Serenbe and enjoy the new destination for health and wellness.

If you’re a guest of Serenbe staying at The Inn or in one of the rental homes, you can also utilize the 15 miles of trails throughout the community. Walk, run or bike from one neighborhood to the other, discovering waterfalls and natural beauty along the way. Guests can also explore the Animal Village to feed the goats or chickens, or have a meditative walk through the stone labyrinth. Sounding pretty zen, right? Book a room today or explore The Inn’s packages for discounts and amenities, such as the “48 Hours in Serenbe” package which includes dinner reservations, cocktails, spa services and more.

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