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Learn How To Create Biophilic Centric Communities.

Have you ever walked around Serenbe and wondered, how in the world did they build all of this, especially down in the woods of Chattahoochee Hills? If so, you’re not the only one with curious thoughts on how all of this came together. In fact, we have so many inquiries from other builders, developers, urbanists and environmentalists alike, that we created two opportunities to learn how to build and develop a place like Serenbe. Attend the Biophilic Leadership Summit October 10-13 or the Nygren Placemaking Conference September 20-23, both hosted at The Inn at Serenbe for in-depth experiences to learning the ins and outs of creating communities built with nature in mind.

If you’re want to know more about how humans connect with nature, the positive health outcomes and how to replicate that at a larger scale, than the 4th annual Biophilic Leadership Summit is the right event for you. Learn all about this year’s theme of “Biophilia at Scale: Earth and Water” (with a focus on land use and infrastructure) from biophilic leaders, changemakers, thought leaders and experts in the field through keynote talks, presentations and panel discussions with like-minded individuals. Presentations focus on biophilic projects and research that have measurable outcomes and can be replicated at scale. From these talks, leaders discuss the best applications of biophilia to dissect the “biophilic effect” on health and wellness, sustainability and the climate crisis and how it effects their work, policy and future developments. Do you have a passion for nature and want to learn how to further integrate it into your personal life, work or  community? Join the summit hosts, Biophilic Cities, The Biophilic Institute and Serenbe for a three-day summit full of nature, farm-fresh food and intellectual conversations around making effective change through biophilia. Watch the short video above that highlights experts discussing the The Biophilia Effect at the 2019 Summit and join city leaders, policymakers, educators and more this Fall.

Click here to get your tickets, reserve a room and to become a sponsor of the 2021 Summit email Non-profit and student pricing available.

If you’re a developer, land owner or builder who is interested in creating a walking community centered around residential, retail and farming, then the annual  Nygren Placemaking Conference is the place to be. Discover how Serenbe’s unique model fosters a thriving wellness lifestyle while conserving natural resources and providing greater financial returns for both the developer and the homeowner. Learn the balance between urban and rural land development, hearing from the people that made Serenbe happen. You’ll become knowledgable on all the details of building commercial and retail in conjunction with nature, including environmental certifications, water and energy conservation, as well as food sourcing. Attendees will gather in each of Serenbe’s farm-to-table restaurants and discuss the importance of culinary arts and cultural programming over a delicious meal, included in your registration. Conference sessions will provide a look at the amenities and biophilic principles that make up a flourishing development that has not only grown during the last recession but stayed resilient during the pandemic.

If you’d like to register, please contact Meals are included in registration, but please contact The Inn at Serenbe to book your accommodations separately. We hope to see you this Fall.

Want to learn more before you come to the Summit or Conference, listen to Serenbe Stories and hear from Steve Nygren about how he built Serenbe and subscribe to Biophilic Solutions and discover ideas and the people that are leading the Biophilic Movement.

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