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Build Well To Live Well

Here at Serenbe, we develop and design in a mindful way to encourage wellbeing in all aspects of our resident’s lives.

What do you think of when you hear the word “Wellness?” Exercising or spending time outdoors? Eating healthy foods? It’s defined by the World Health Organization as a state of physical, mental and social wellbeing, and here at Serenbe, we develop and design in a mindful way to encourage wellbeing in all aspects of our resident’s lives. We’ve been doing it for nearly 15 years and now wellness communities are becoming a world-wide trend.

Nearly 400 residential wellness real estate projects are in the planning stages to be built in just the United States, and demand is only increasing according to recently-released research from The Global Wellness Institute (GWI), the leading research and educational resource for the global wellness economy. They also found that Wellness is a $3.7 trillion industry growing faster than the global economy, with residential real estate as the latest to be transformed by this important movement.

Wellness real estate focuses on “homes that are proactively designed and built to support the holistic health of their residents,” such as Southface’s Earthcraft certification, geothermal heating and cooling, solar ready and smart home technology – all required in every Serenbe home.

Serenbe is a place of meadows and forests, open space and fresh food, our farm-to-table sustainable community, based on European design principals and land planning, brings wellness to your doorstep.

Wellness communities like Serenbe “incorporate the type of lifestyle, neighborhood feeling and shared culture that connects people together…where people live close to each other and share common goals, interests and experiences in proactively pursuing wellness across its many dimensions.”

Wellbeing is in reach for everyone, it’s about making thoughtful choices in where you live and how you live. As the GWI research notes, “It is time to treat where we live as an investment in our wellness.”

Robust Business Community

Over thirty businesses call Serenbe home, offering a unique selection of goods from home decor, flowers and plants, to art, clothing and a neighborhood bookstore. Five restaurants dot the sidewalks including gourmet food and wine tastings at The General Store plus a weekly farmers market. A spa, hair salon and yoga studio round out wellness offerings along with Serenbe’s own cold pressed juice company, Bamboo Juices.

Multi Generational Living

All the goods and services residents may need within walking distance, contained in a vibrant and active setting and surrounded by nature. With 700+ residents and plans for 1,400 homes, Serenbe has housing, businesses, restaurants and amenities for residents at every stage of life as well as a micro-school, clubs for all ages, Camp Serenbe, cooking classes, arts programming, equestrian stables, trail riding and more.

Wellness Amenities

Offerings include a new Swim Club, fitness center and spin studio; One Mado Wellness building with eastern and western medical offices; and plans for a world class resort hotel and spa, plus nature-focused independent and assisted living homes. Businesses choose Serenbe for sustainable office space, proximity to nature and a built-in audience of residents and visitors.

A Natural Playground

Serenbe is one big playground. Children run along paths, discover secret tree houses, splash in puddles and chase lightening bugs at night. They explore their world freely and safely. We leave our cars in park and put our feet on the ground. Walk or bike to shops, restaurant, theatre, music, films and more, then stroll back home, experiencing everything nature has to offer along the way.

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