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Ever wonder what do residents do for a living? Although the community is only 30 minutes from metro Atlanta, visitors regularly ask whether residents commute to work in the city, or what they do for work within the community. Luckily, remote jobs are becoming ever more popular, especially as we emerge from the pandemic.

While many residents do commute out of Serenbe for work, many work from home (especially these days). Some are artists, work in the film industry, are involved in marketing and PR, or own their own business. Living outside Atlanta in Chattahoochee Hills (the city in which Serenbe sits) does not have to hinder your professional life. Residents can easily live a life connected to nature and each other while still fulfilling their dream careers.

One common career path for our residents is writing. Writing and book publishing can be done anywhere and with a strong wifi connection and  a computer you can write and publish books from the comfort of your own home. Writing and publishing a book or novel is no small feat, so we’re thrilled to highlight some of the books written by Serenbe residents. Keep scrolling for a sampling of Serenbe resident author’s, stop by the Hills & Hamlets Bookshop, located in the Grange Hamlet of Serenbe, and pick up copies, also available in their online store.


Paige Crutcher

A deeper magic. A stronger curse. A family lost...and found. Persephone May has been alone her entire life. Abandoned as an infant and dragged through the foster care system, she wants nothing more than to belong somewhere. To someone. However, Persephone is as strange as she is lonely. Unexplainable things happen when she's around--changes in weather, inanimate objects taking flight--and those who seek to bring her into their family quickly cast her out. To cope, she never gets attached, never makes friends. And she certainly never dates. Working odd jobs and always keeping her suitcases half-packed, Persephone is used to moving around, leaving one town for another when curiosity over her eccentric behavior inevitably draws unwanted attention. After an accidental and very public display of power, Persephone knows it's time to move on once again. It's lucky, then, when she receives an email from the one friend she's managed to keep, inviting her to the elusive Wile Isle. The timing couldn't be more perfect. However, upon arrival, Persephone quickly discovers that Wile is no ordinary island. In fact, it just might hold the very things she's been searching for her entire life. Answers. Family. Home. And some things she did not want. Like 100-year-old curses and an even older family feud. With the clock running out, love might be the magic that saves them all.

Pre-order The Orphan Witch before it’s out in September!


Juliet Cutler

In 1999, Juliet Cutler leaves the United States to teach at the first school for Maasai girls in East Africa. Captivated by the stories of young Maasai women determined to get an education in the midst of a culture caught between the past and the future, she seeks to empower and support her students as they struggle to define their own fates. Cutler soon learns that behind their shy smiles and timid facades, her Maasai students are much stronger than they appear. For them, adolescence requires navigating a risky world of forced marriages, rape, and genital cutting, all in the midst of a culture grappling with globalization. In the face of these challenges, these young women believe education offers hope, and so, against all odds, they set off alone―traveling hundreds of miles and even forsaking their families―simply to go to school. Twenty years of involvement with this school and its students reveal to Cutler the important impacts of education across time, as well as the challenges inherent in tackling issues of human rights and extreme poverty across vastly different cultures. Working alongside local educators, Cutler emerges transformed by the community she finds in Tanzania and by witnessing the life-changing impact of education on her students. Proceeds from the sale of this book support education for at-risk Maasai girls.


Carol Novello

MUTUAL RESCUE profiles the transformational impact that shelter pets have on humans, exploring the emotional, physical, and spiritual gifts that rescued animals provide. It explores through anecdote, observation, and scientific research, the complexity and depth of the role that pets play in our lives. Every story in the book brings an unrecognized benefit of adopting homeless animals to the forefront of the rescue conversation. In a nation plagued by illnesses--16 million adults suffer from depression, 29 million have diabetes, 8 million in any given year have PTSD, and nearly 40% are obese--rescue pets can help: 60% of doctors said they prescribe pet adoption and a staggering 97% believe that pet ownership provides health benefits. For people in chronic emotional, physical, or spiritual pain, adopting an animal can transform, and even save, their lives. Each story in the book takes a deep dive into one potent aspect of animal adoption, told through the lens of people's personal experiences with their rescued pets and the science that backs up the results. This book will resonate with readers hungering for stories of healing and redemption.


Eryn Eddy

To be human means to try and sometimes fail, to love and sometimes lose, to risk and sometimes regret. There are times when we realize where our choices have brought us and we're afraid to be honest--with ourselves, with others, with God--about how we're really feeling and how we got to where we are. Because what if no one understands? What if they think less of us? What if God is disappointed with us? Eryn Eddy wants you to know that no matter your past mistakes, relationship status, career choice, or feelings, nothing can change the truth that you are so worth loving. In this openhearted book, she takes you by the hand and helps you look in, look up, and look out, exploring your relationship with yourself, God, and others. She gives you permission to feel deeply and openly before God, who isn't afraid of our feelings, no matter what they are. And she lovingly reminds you that you are not crazy, you are not alone, and you will get through this.


Kate Edwards

Kate Mihevc Edwards was a passionate runner for years and lived for endurance sports. Until the day doctors told her she'd have to stop--or possibly die. After being diagnosed with arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC), Kate was forced to mourn the loss of a lifestyle she loved and face a very scary question: What now?With the grit and determination that made her such an accomplished runner, Kate embarked on a journey that taught her to let go of her former self and claim a new life filled with strength, gratitude, and peace. Racing Heart is Kate's testament to this journey as she walks readers through her transition from a runner eager to finish the race to a woman who values the preciousness of the present. Written for anyone facing a major life change or hungering for a life beyond the mundane, Racing Heart is the inspirational reminder that it is often from the most painful experiences that true joy and passion emerge.


Kate Edwards

Slow down. Stop running. Pregnant and postpartum women have heard this advice since the beginning of time. Many runners have no idea what they can and cannot do during pregnancy and postpartum, leaving them unsure, scared, and susceptible to injury. This book throws out all those old wives' tales and proves that women can keep running--during and after pregnancy. All they need is the right information. Written by two moms and physical therapists who also have a passion for running, Go Ahead, Stop and Pee is a fresh voice that empowers women to maintain their running lifestyle during pregnancy and postpartum. Combining first-hand experiences as well as science, this book:

1.Dispels some common myths about running pregnant and postpartum

2.Presents key exercises for pregnant runners

3.Helps women understand and care for their postpartum bodies

4.Offers tips on maintaining a running lifestyle after the baby

For any soon-to-be or new mom who doesn't want to "slow down", Go Ahead, Stop and Pee is the catalyst that will inspire her to keep going.


Sam Harrison

Creativity is a highly valued resource in the business world, fueling innovation, boosting morale, and providing differentiation. However, individuals and teams too often dwell in a Zombie Zone of boredom and weak ideas or in the Zigzag Zone of confusion and non-productive ideas. Creative Zing helps readers move out of those zones and bring their creativity into the Zing Zone of strong, consistent ideas and successful expression of those ideas. And by thriving in a creative Zing Zone, readers can have a more imaginative, fulfilling life. The book is formatted as powerful, digestible single-page messages for busy, attention-challenged designers, writers, marketers, product developers and professionals in other creative fields. Creative Zing is the only book in the creativity genre that deals with both how to generate more ideas and how to effectively present those ideas to decision makers . Using a framework of five Es -- Explore, Experiment, Exhale, Examine, Express -- Creative Zing provides 75 quick-hitting, real-world essays on ways to ignite creativity, spark ideas and bring those ideas to reality. The book is filled with how-to advice, quotes and examples to inspire readers and provide techniques they can start using the very next day.


Sam Harrison

"Don't let your creative ideas get picked apart and put down! If you're like most creative people, chances are high that you've had your share of ideas rejected by clients or decision makers. While we sometimes make the mistake of believing ideas should sell themselves, the fact is that the better and bolder the idea, the more it needs selling. This book contains powerful techniques to help you sell your ideas to those with approval power. You'll find tips from designers, writers, marketers and other creative professionals, along with meaty advice from selling and branding gurus. In no time, you'll be able to convince those who hold the purse strings that your ideas are worth pursuing and investing in.Designers have a little known secret: Designing something is the easy part, getting others, specifically clients, to embrace that design is the real hard part. Harrison has put together dozens of tips that, if applied correctly, independently or in unison, will help you get those great design ideas approved."


Giff Beaton

Visit any pond on a summer day and the air will be alive with dragonflies and damselflies--shimmering aerobatic daredevils that dart above the water and even into nearby fields and woodlands. Organized for easy use in the field, this abundantly illustrated guide, with more than 400 color photographs, is the first to cover Georgia's dragonflies and damselflies (odonates). It details more than 150 species--species that are also the ones most likely to be seen throughout the U.S. Southeast north of Florida.The guide first explains dragonfly and damselfly body parts, taxonomy, life cycles, and habitats; discusses conservation issues; and offers tips on observing and photographing odonates. Later chapters, organized according to the ten odonate families, such as spreadwings, darners, spiketails, and emeralds, provide general family information followed by accounts of individual species. The beautifully illustrated species accounts describe general appearance and key identification features, distribution, habitats, life history and behavior, and conservation. Supplementary materials include suggestions for the best places to watch odonates in Georgia, a comparative listing of species' level of endangerment, and the date range during which each species can be seen. Odonates are easy to find and observe, and because they display an astounding variety of colors, sizes, and behaviors, they are popular with birders, butterfly watchers, and other nature enthusiasts. This guide will be welcomed by everyone who wants to learn about odonates and their habitats and what can be done to help protect them.

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