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The Inn At Serenbe’s Animal Village Is Truly The GOAT

The Inn at Serenbe’s Animal Village might be the most popular spot in Serenbe, and we get it…they’re the cutest!! Sheep lounge around in hay (and sometimes break out of the fence to wander around The Inn grounds). You’ll find goats jumping all over each other in their pin, pigs rolling in the mud in theirs (sounds gross, but we promise it’s just ADORABLE!), and llamas meandering in fields. Inn guests may even hear the rooster cock-a-doodle-dooing in the mornings, giving them the true country farm experience.

Here’s a little cuteness preview before you visit the Inn at Serenbe Animal Village!

Guests are always welcome to walk through the animal village at The Inn. If you’re interested in feeding the animals, stop by Guest Services to get some Serenbe-approved feed! 

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