Serenbe’s gardens are inspired by the work of the late landscape designer Ryan Gainey, after whom Gainey Lane and Gainey Hall are named. The well-known master gardener designed gardens for many of Atlanta’s finest homes. His book, “The Well Placed Weed: The Bountiful Garden of Ryan Gainey,” was later made into a documentary film. Gainey’s gardens typically have a spontaneous appearance yet are built on a carefully planned structure. 

We invite you to experience Serenbe’s gardens with the guides available below. These gardens are cared for by Serenbe’s Landscape Committee and neighborhood volunteers. 


This garden was designed and installed by the Serenbe Landscape Committee with a group of volunteers from the community. Established as a Monarch Waystation, this garden’s purpose is to support pollinators and birds through all four seasons. It is located across from The Hill restaurant.

Pollinator Garden Guide


This garden was initially created through a partnership with Mrs. Meyers Clean Day, a purveyor of botanically derived cleaning products. It has been revitalized and maintained by neighbors as a kitchen garden available for use by the whole community. This garden’s focus is edible plants, flowers, and herbs. Located just outside Serenbe Farms, this garden reflects the Grange hamlet’s focus on sustainable agriculture and organic food. 

Herb Garden Guide


This garden was purpose-built to support the health and wellness objectives of the Mado hamlet, providing immediate garden access to the residents of the Anders Cottages. This garden prioritizes native plantings that can be used in medicinal teas, poultices, and aromatics. Many of the plants are edible fresh or produce palatable fruits and seed.

The medicinal garden guide is coming soon.